NIC User Fees

For NIC Users from UW-Madison labs:


  1. There is no charge for receiving training on any NIC microscope. Please submit a training request at least a week in advance. Training is best done using your own sample so we can be sure the scope is working well for your experiment.
  2. User fees are charged by the signup (not by the hour). Signups can be up to 4 hours long, three times a week during peak times (M-F, 8am-6pm).
  3. One signup costs $120.
  4. For off-peak usage during evenings and weekends, one signup can be longer than 4 hours and the user will still only be billed for one signup.
  5. Once an entire lab’s NIC signup total hits 40 during the fiscal year (May 16 to May 15), then that lab becomes a Major User of the NIC. Please contact Sarah for more information.


For users who are not from UW-Madison:

Please contact Sarah Swanson for information about our Industry Rate.