NIC risk agreement and post-COVID SOP:

Users must acknowledge risk and agree to the SOP via Bookitlab prior to NIC use.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists where other people are present, where people have recently been present, and where air circulation is shared with multiple rooms. By using the NIC you accept this risk of COVID-19 exposure.

By reserving via Bookitlab you confirm acceptance of this risk and that you will follow these rules:

  • If you feel ill, you should NOT come into the NIC.
  • Do as much sample prep as possible before coming to the NIC.
  • Once you enter the NIC, go directly to the scope you will use. Do not go to any other rooms and do not use any microscopes other than the one you have reserved.
  • Bring everything you need into the microscope room you have reserved, and when finished remove the items you brought with you for your session. There will be no pipettors in the NIC and there should be nothing you need kept outside of the room.

As always, please let me know if you spot something amiss in the NIC or if you have suggestions for improvement. Running the NIC is indeed a team effort and I do appreciate your open communication.

Sarah Swanson, Director
Newcomb Imaging Center
Department of Botany

June 18, 2021
NIC SOP, version 3

Microscopy images of plants.